Bertram Kober

What we perhaps no longer perceive in the daily catastrophic jungle of television, takes the form of enduringly effective trademarks. The alpha and omega of being no longer appears run-of-the-mill, but instead as an action whose consequences we have accepted... When one speaks of human activities with all of its consequences, the truth sometimes lies somewhere between garden gnomes and reaching for the stars. This relativization is not a withdrawal of any other statement, for one also knows that cheerful idyll is deceptive. There is no longer any place,  where one can remove oneself from the happenings of the world.

Dr. Peter Guth
Excerpt from: Nutz-Last. Fotografien von Bertram Kober. In: Mitteilungen Gohliser Schloesschen. 2000. Page 4




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Sachsens Industriearchitektur
Industrial Architecture in Saxony
Bertram Kober – Fotografien
Hrsg. von Katja Margarethe Mieth
für die Sächsische Landesstelle für
Kunstsammlungen Dresden
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ISBN 978-3-86530-220-5



During his numerous travels Bertram Kober takes pictures of transmitters and receiver plants that he presents in his project 'Transmission'. Those photographs taken in the Italian mountains or the German lowlands show not only the monumental impression of such constructions but also the sculptural aesthetics of the tower assemblings with its countless satellite dishes and bar antennas. The artist refers with his pictures of these constructions (sometimes for a picture he was hiking up to 2500 metres height) on to the ubiquity of 'Transmission'. A seamless network crosses the whole landscape almost invisibly. With the help of waves everything can be transmitted received and overheard. It overlaps every place on earth. Information is accesible everywhere and so we are. The invisibility of this network makes us forget its existence. The idyll of landscape seems to be unaffected. Only the docking site of the transmission ist visible. Bertram Kober sets them into scene impressively.






Text: Dieter Daniels
Gestaltung: Caroline Kober
ISBN 978-3-86678-938-8
ca. 24,5 x 29 cm  Hochformat
ca. 112 Seiten, 45 Abbildungen
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The photographer Bertram Kober in portrait,
broadcasted in "Artour Kulturmagazin", MDR,
05.01.2012, 5:20h.
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